Morning hike, 7 wonders and snorkeling

Today the plan is to do the viewpoint trek behind the Tuna Maya resort. The climb is about 200 m in the jungle. There are ropes to mark the way and help make it up and down the rough terrain.

The view from up top is beautiful, and we have a very sunny day with no clouds today, so the water is turquoise and we can distinguish the coral reef fringing the sandy beaches an beautiful rock formations.

There is a guest book in a little wooden box, guarded by a scorpion. Arash manages to retrieve the book with a stick and shake it to make sure it doesn’t have any inhabitants and the kids take turn to sign it.

Back at the resort we are happy to swim and snorkel before ordering lunch by the beach. Another 7 Wonders game is played, won by Arash again before more snorkeling and tea time.

As night approaches, it’s stifling hot, so we take our drinks to the jetty were we enjoy a soothing breeze and a stunning sunset.

Tonight is Malaysian buffet, and everyone is subdued, tired by the heat, so we don’t linger to go to bed.

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